February 10, 2013


Taking a break from love crap and madness this valentines, I'm not gonna go on a date like every other year for the past 6 years. Will focus on research and art for February.

Renamed my laptop. Now it's not sharing the same alias as mine. He's now named Gingy... short for Gingivitis.

February 1, 2013


Somehow, I seem to have got my attention on a lot of things, and now I can't focus. A lot of hiatus and drama, difficult examinations, and games. I'll post art works when I'm back on track, right now I'm in a different trail, a confusing adventure.

December 9, 2012

I wish I can live without sleep without getting tired

Been quite busy this week. Lots of things done and a lot more remains undone. Exams are not that tedious, everything else outside the classrooms are just keeping me busy, excited, and stressed. Lot more things I want to do comes to my mind and it seems I'm to deal with the time.

Deadlines to meet tomorrow and performances to do this week, I'm both excited and nervous. Finished the full season of GOSICK this week and am now reading 21st century boys.

This week is gonna be fun... I hope.

December 3, 2012

Stomping the Machine

It's Xavier day at the university, a holiday. I went out not to join outreach but to revisit the things I do before. I planned visiting the computer rental shops I use to visit but then it's been years since they've closed. So I went to the game arcades instead. Sang karaoke and played dance simulator games.

It's been 6 years since I stepped on the machine. I play hardcore before, but now I don't play a lot. I just play when I'm stressed, depressed, or escaping problems. Perhaps my life's been great for quite sometime since I do not got there often during the past few months.

I played on both PIU machines in the city, five credits spent on NX2 and 10 credits on Fiesta. Fifteen games and now my legs are kinda sore. I also played on the old DDR machine they've placed or rather dumped in the old mall.

I'm feeling great but tired.

Somehow, I miss the people I use to play with and the hours we spent on the game. It's kinda hard to return things on how they used to be. I'm not sad, I'm proud of them and where they are now.

December 2, 2012

Some Action

It's already 2 am and I just can't go to sleep. Not because of this picture, I'm just hyper and my biological clock is really messed up.

Picture I took during org's fair about a week ago. I just made the BG black and tweaked color balance a bit.


Nothing special I've made in an hour. Took an old photo from a trip to a mining site we visited in Cam Norte. I don't know who this guy is, the stuff I know about him is that he works on a mining site and handles mercury with his bare hands.

I just invented the site, it's not real, or if such website exist, I did not make this for them.

I want to make my own splatter vector set so I could stop using Photoshop shape defaults.

I have other stuff to do, a lot of things actually. Art helps me relieve stress and also helps me plan out actions.

I'm waiting for something magical to happen today.

December 1, 2012

New Beginning

Back after months of not posting in this blog. I did have 5 posts before this one, I deleted them because I don't like them. I'm on a restart, an am to treat this blog as if it's new although it's been here for more than a year.

There are a lot of stuff I want to do now that I'm on blog mode again. I want to fill my portfolio with awesome stuff and build my online creative resume, but since I've got no awesome stuff to post yet, I'd be posting stuff that I have as of the moment.

So I have this one. This is for a literary organization I'm a member of. They are looking for artworks and literary pieces with the theme: the end of the world. This is one of the photographs I'm to submit.

I also would like to submit a short story...

Lots of stuff to do for December makes me excited.